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 Researchers Suggest, If You Want To Upgrade Your Image, Your #1 Priority Is Your Smile 

Using cosmetic dentistry, we can make your smile illuminate a room when you enter. By way of various processes, we’ll create that beautiful smile of which you have been fantasizing.

Using whitening, porcelain veneers, crowns, implants and bridges, we can transform an ok smile into a fantastic one. And, did you know that, cosmetic dentistry could possibly clear away wrinkles and lines around your cheeks, mouth area and chin… without cosmetic surgery?

Dr. Khoury’s knowledge and experience in cosmetic and health and functional restorative dental care is well respected by dentists in the Napa CA area.

As soon as we are in tune with your personal needs and goals, we take into account the shape of your face, the features of your nose, and the character of your eyes. However, it is the shape and contour of your lips that will frame your new smile and, as such, are the face’s primary guideposts. Our cosmetic team will also analyze a number of other factors like the visual weight of your eyes and nose in relation to your other facial architecture.


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We can makeover your smile to make you appear younger, make your smile whiter and more prominent, reduce lines and wrinkles around your mouth, take away crowding in your teeth and straighten crooked teeth, and, finally, take your sex appeal to the next level.

Remember, however, Dr. Khoury and the smile team aren’t just concentrating on your good looks. We know that our most important job is to make your smile healthy, functional, and with a balanced bite so that you can enjoy laughing, talking, chewing and kissing… and look great doing it.

The Cold Facts Are…

In an independent study in 2008, it was found: Almost all Americans (98.7%) believe a smile is a crucial social asset.

97% of adult men and women believe a wonderful smile makes a particular person more desirable to people of the other sex.

Three-quarters (76%) of us feel an unattractive smile may hurt someone’s probability for job success.

Investigators questioned, “What’s the initial thing you observe in someone else’s smile?” The most frequent replies were:

• A Straight Smile

• Brightness & Color of Teeth

• Cleanness of Teeth

• Is Their Smile Sincere?

• Any Missing Teeth?

• Sparkle of Smile

Then participants answered this question, “Precisely what would you most want to further improve about your own smile?” The most frequent response was: “Brighter & Whiter Teeth”.

It’s not absolutely necessary to get a “Million Dollar” smile, but…

…enhancing your smile could make you appear younger, boost your self-esteem and self-confidence, as well as improve your conversation abilities, your attractiveness, and favorably influence your own personal and professional connections.

According to other studies by social psychologists, many people spend around 4 seconds appraising the way you look before they start to form a laundry list of perceptions about your:

• educational level

• job skills

• achievement

• personality

• class

• dependability

• sense of humor

• as well as your social heritage.

Whether it’s fair or not, this means appearances matter in today’s world.

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Obviously, your smile is one of your most powerful possessions.

Think about already having a more attractive smile. See yourself looking younger. You look great and and you feel confident. With so many advancements in cosmetic dentistry and, with cosmetic dental work becoming financially affordable for everyone, you can have a complete smile makeover.

What Goals Do You Have For Your Smile?

Enhancing your smile can enhance your entire life. That’s why it’s so important that you are an equal partner in all of the decisions to make sure that we understand your expectations and that you are comfortable with your choices before we begin any cosmetic dental work. We take a comprehensive approach and adhere to formulating a treatment plan with a thorough discussion of options.

Cosmetic dentistry options:

** Take years off of your appearance

** Close up gaps in front teeth

** Fix cracked, broken or chipped teeth

** Change the shape of teeth so they’re no longer crooked or crowded

** Shape gum tissue to get rid of a “gummy” smile

** Lengthen or shorten uneven teeth

** Place a bridge or dental implant

** Replace old metal fillings, crowns and bridges

** Adjust your occlusion to relieve headaches and migraines 

** Perform smile whitening in our office for the most dramatic results

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